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Water Amusement & Sports Facility - Multiple Income Streams


One of Australia’s Largest Recreation & Leisure Facilities, renowned for its bustling activity, popular and diverse range of experiences, has been placed on the market for expressions of interest.

The versatile business operates within the vibrant landscape of the Sunshine Coast from a purposefully designed facility, offering users a variety of choice-driven experiences. Spanning across a generous 27 hectares, the site is a testament to thoughtful design and functionality.

Secured by a Government Lease ensuring stability for the next two decades, the rent remains exceptionally low at just 1.5% of current turnover.

With convenient access via main arterial roads, the facility is situated within the thriving tourist hub of the family-friendly Sunshine Coast, making it easily accessible for all visitors. The Recreation & Leisure park boasts a rich history of operation spanning over 20 years, cultivating a loyal base of repeat clientele. 

It plays host to a diverse array of events year-round, ranging from intimate social gatherings and popular educational programs to esteemed regional and national championships. Additionally, the facility caters to private parties and corporate bookings, ensuring multiple income streams.

The operation utilises a comprehensive, fully-automated booking system, enabling users to make reservations and complete health and safety compliance procedures online prior to their arrival at the venue. This automated system ensures a seamless and efficient flow of traffic for users. Moreover, it serves as a robust database marketing channel for the business, facilitating direct communication of special events and promotional activities to users.

Enhancing the park experience, the amenities encompass office spaces, a café, bathrooms, and rental equipment storage sheds, seamlessly integrated within the lush surroundings. The private managers residence offers a retreat within the park’s serene ambiance. Additionally, the park boasts 120 car parking spaces, complete with turning areas and ample accommodation for large buses and school mini-buses.

Consistently operating at near-capacity levels during the peak and shoulder seasons, including school days, underscores the demand for expansion in amenities. This presents the prime opportunity to elevate the business to higher revenue thresholds. With nearly 75% of the land available for development, there is ample room for expansion without additional lease expenditure. 

This opens doors to new ventures, such as a Wave Park, poised to elevate the facility’s capacity and appeal. Moreover, marketing for new activities could seamlessly integrate with existing channels, streamlining the process and maximising exposure.

Now is the “perfect time” to look into the sector, especially as Australians indulge in holiday experiences within their own borders. Moreover, the Sunshine Coast presents itself as a region ripe for development in tourist-related infrastructure, offering substantial untapped potential.

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